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The Pudding Camera App is a great little app and what makes it even better is the fact that it if a free one.

This is a very simple app that has a number of different filters and camera styles to help to spice up your photos.

The Pudding is so easy to use that you really do not need any knowledge of photography (or even common sense) – it really is so simple.

The Pudding Camera App simply works as an alternative to the original camera app you currently have got.  It has an array of lovely filters that you can apply to your pictures and you can start using it pretty much as soon as you have downloaded it for free.


  • Determine the camera style and filter you wish to use by clicking the camera icon at the bottom left
  • The simply press the big black button or the camera button on your phone and hey presto!!
  • Photos then appear in the Pudding gallery where you can edit, delete or share them.



Pudding Camera App – Camera styles

  • Basic
  • Snap
  • Panorama
  • Fantasy
  • Motion 2×2 and motion x4
  • Fish eye
  • Triplex

Pudding Camera App – Special effects

  • Vintage blue and brown
  • Dazzle
  • Mono
  • Noir
  • Vivid
  • Vignetting
  • Basic

Some additional features include the ability to change the exposure levels and adding geotagging, and you can take 3 different sizes of picture too.

We love this little app because the clarity and quality of photo is excellent and the fact that you can take the picture in 1 of 3 sizes makes it easy no matter what phone you have.

There are a few limitaions namely that you need a photo editor to edit your pictures and we have yet to work out how to zoom (so maybe this is a feature that is not included) – but hey you rarely get everything you need and this does have some big plus points.

However, for ease of use and easy navigation and aesthetic design the Pudding App get top marks – we love it.


Download the Pudding Camera App just here

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Pic Collage

Pic Collage


Pic Collage is one of those apps that adds a fun dimension to your life.

You know how impressed you are when you goto someone's home and you see one of those great yet arty photo montage/collages on their wall?

I always feel a bit artistically challenged when faced with something like this – dang!!Pic Collage

Why didn't I think to do something like that?

More than likely because i did not know how to or just do not have the necessary artistic eye to create one in the first place :(

This is why I love Pic Collage so much becuase it makes me look like an artist.

How to use Pic Collage

Simply use your photos from your phone, Facebook and the web and easily (even i can do it) create a great looking Pic Collage.

Intuitively rotate, edit and resize your pictures.  The add texts and share online with Facebook, Twitter and even by email.

We love Pic Collage

In fact it is one of our favourite camera apps of all time – it makes fun easy pictures that are great for sharing

Download Pic Collage


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Fast Burst Camera App


Fast Burst Camera App


The fast burst app is not required if you already have the HTC One or Galaxy S111 because you are lucky enough to already have this amazing function.  The fast burst camera app was in fact Fast Burst Camera Appcreated to mimic the fast burst mode of these 2 phones.

So, for those who do not have either of these phones the fast burst app is just what you have been looking for – in fact your life is not complete until you have it – yep … it really is that good :)

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Hipstamatic App


Hipstamatic App


Hipstamatic app

Hipstamatic App will take you for a trip down memory lane if you are you a child of the 70's who used to have a plastic Kodak camera complete with real glass flash bulbs or one of those plastic disposable ones?

Do you remember how excited you used to be when you sent off the film for processing and how you used to sit and wait for postie to bring back the cardboard envelope full of 'dodgy' shots containing lots of arms, legs, blurry figures and unidentified places you visited the previous summer on a day trip?

Do you recall the yellowy retro hues of the prints and do you yearn to return to them?

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Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX

Voted the best camera app for android by Lifehacker, Mashable, SlashGear the Camera Zoom FX app brings a full range of photography features to your android device.  In view of the fact that it has been downloaded over half a million times confirms the fact that it is a very popular and good Android App cannot be disputed as these figures speak for themselves.


  • The fastest camera on Android – up to 10 shots per second which makes it perfect for those action shots your other camera missed.

  • Optical/digital zoom – up to 6x

  • Flash

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